Sales Transformation. Enormous Opportunities.

Marketing and sales are currently going through the greatest transformation in History. Due to present-day media and technology, customers and buyers are more informed, demanding, and adaptable than ever. Even in B2B-Business purchasing, decisions are predominantly made on digital channels. Usually, personal interaction only takes place in the last phase of the “customer journey”.

Hence, successful distribution looks very different than it did 5 years ago. When used properly, this paradigm shift is a enormous chance. Modern channels, methods, and technologies present completely new possibilities in sales and marketing.

Wendero masters modern sales and thus delivers revenue growth: In the core business and through new business models.

Revenue growth in the core business

Established companies operate with proven products in familiar markets. They know their target group and handle them with a variety of employees and IT systems. Some, still the same way they did 5 years ago.

Since then numerous new technologies have seen the light of day. By using state-of-the-art channels, tools, and methods we frequently manage to significantly raise revenue and efficiency even for well-functioning sales organisations.

By developing and processing C- and D-customers through automation.
How can we get to the - until now neglected- C- and D-customers?
By generating and qualifying new customer leads on digital channels.
How do we manage to rapidly acquire more customers? In new markets?
By digitising up- and cross-selling with existing clients.
How do we raise the revenue with our existing clients?
By expanding the geographical operating range, by converting from field work to online
How do we generate even more revenue for our sales representatives?
By conceiving and testing digital sales processes taking into consideration the capabilities of your CRM-system together with your team.
How do we make more of our CRM?
By training the consisting sales team during „on the job“ digital sales processes.
How can we profit from digital sales technologies?

Testing and scaling new business models

New products and business models can be as “sexy” and innovative as they like – in the end the only (real) indicator for your success are: paying customers.

Wendero has built and scaled sales and marketing for over120 greenfield ventures. Not as a consultant, but through operative practice.

Proof-of-Concept with real clients, for the business model.
Will our business idea work?
By developing a digital sales process, with a high amount of automation.
How can we scale our innovation’s distribution?
Joint hands-on taskforce for the near-term generation of revenue.
How do we manage to close more deals by the next board meeting?
Customer Profiling followed by test sales to verify the assumption
How do we find the suitable customers for our product?
Hands-on sales development from targeting to closure
How do we canvass for the first 200 customers?
Test sales following Lean Startup approach on real customers
What product variant should we launch?