People & Culture

Employees at Wendero stay with the company for a long time. We have asked them why You can find the top answers below:

Everybody at Wendero loves a challenge. Thanks to the wide variety of projects – we get loads/plenty/lots(loads isn’t wrong, just kind of slang) of those.
“More challenges, please!“
Learning how to market products doesn’t happen at the drawing table, but in practice. That is why new employees work with real projects from the start and take on more and more responsibility.
„A lot of responsibility -
from the start.“
Despite of all professionalism, we have made sure to keep one thing: our “classroom atmosphere”. We enjoy spending time together, especially because we’re a diverse set of minds.
“We’re a colorful bunch that matches.“
Team Spirit
We win as a team and support each other – even beyond our projects. All of us.
„We all pull together.“
Besides personal development meetings that take place on a regular basis, our employees get a lot of feedback on the job – from management as well as colleagues.
“A whole lot of constructive criticism.”
Nothing works without sales. Our work is sowing the companies’ seeds of success.
“We make awesome products great.”

Development Opportunities

Everybody at Wendero progresses on their own. Very quickly. Projects last 3-4 months. That’s how one gets insight into a lot of different industries and products all within a year.

Graduates / Working students
Growth Trainees get a lot of insight into marketing, sales and technology. From the start, they work on projects and take on responsibility.

Young Professionals
Growth Engineers autonomously execute Growth Factory projects within their teams. Growth Engineers typically specialise in marketing, sales, or technology.

Experienced Hires
Growth Managers tend to our clients at a managerial level and account for subject areas such as acquisition or project execution.

Compensation & Benefits

Our philosophy: The job as well as the remuneration should make you happy. To achieve this, it takes a lot more than just the monthly pay check.

Wendero pays current, good salaries at all career stages.
An office with a cinema, playstation, pool table, free drinks and more
Free stays at our Wendero Treehouse
Free time
Every Friday team lunch at our office
Food & Drinks
From the summer party with partners and families, to boat tours and spontaneous bar hopping
Company Macbooks, iPhones & many more Gadgets

Apply. How, when, where?

This is how…

  1. Apply by Email! Your Xing or LinkedIn Profile is enough. Otherwise a PDF also works.
  2. If your profile fits, we will invite you for a phone interview. Explain to us, why you belong with Wendero!
  3. If you aroused/piqued our interest we will invite you for a face-to-face interview. We want to get to know you personally and professionally. Feel free to grill us right back!
  4. 3Wendero hours. Following the interview you will work in a team for 3 hours. On real projects. Nothing provides better insight.
  5. If you have fully convinced us, you will receive an offer. Time to pop the cork!

More questions?
We’re happy to answer!